Why License or Purchase Count ‘Em Up®?

  1. Count ‘Em Up® appeals to both slot players and video poker players
  2. It’s simple to play
  3. Fastest game in the casino
  4. One decision game
  5. More hands played means more money
  6. It’s fun to play
  7. Multi-denomination options and penny games available
  8. The game has received two utility patents allowing for numerous variations
  9. Progressive linked jackpot options to bonus hands
  10. Bonus payouts opportunities to the player on every hand

Why Player’s Play?

  1. Its easy to learn
  2. Only one decision to make
  3. Skill rewarded
  4. High frequency payouts
  5. Bonus payouts opportunities on every hand
  6. Large jackpots
  7. Numerous game versions available
  8. Penny denomination and multi-denomination games

Why Casinos Want It?

  1. Players enjoy the game
  2. It is the fastest game in the casino
  3. More hands played means more money to the casino
  4. Numerous game options


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